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Month: October 2016


Reasons For Urine Tests for Employment

Posted on 2016-10-25  in Drug Abuse

Urine tests are usually carried out many companies to potential employees, to determine if they use drugs, and the type of drugs used. It may also be carried out to the existing employees on a regular but unscheduled basis for the same reasons. A good number of reasons necessitate the urine tests for employment, some of which have been explained in details below.

Why urine tests?

Improve or maintain productivityworkers

The use of certain types of drugs usually has the impact of reduced productivity. They can cause an individual to have slow or impaired reasoning and physical ability. Working at such a state will mean that the level of productivity is significantly reduced compared to when sober. It is likely to result in absenteeism or very slow turnovers. To avoid all this, a urine test may help weed out those who use certain drug types.

Reduce employer risk

With drug use, there is a likelihood of insurance claims being filed by the organizations. This is due to the high chances of injuries that the employee exposes himself to. With impaired reasoning, taking all of the safety precautions and reacting fast to impending danger becomes quite a problem. There have been cases reported of deaths, which come about as a result of drug use at the workplace. The risk extends even to workmates.

Legal issues

The use of some types of drugs is usually illegal in some states. An employee who tests positive for such drugs when a urinalysis is taken means that he or she has contravened the law. Most companies would not like to associate themselves with lawbreakers, as a way of preserving their good image or brand. It also helps the company avoid hefty legal fees that would be used to defend their employees in court.

Resource use

For people in a position of accessing the company’s funds directly, drug usage may tempt them to spend some of the funds. This will result in losses to the organization. Keeping such a person in check when it comes to drug use fosters prudent utilization of resources and rational judgment.

glasses of wineThe downside of a urine drug test

Urinalysis has all its merits but comes with a few demerits as well. As an example, you may test positive and lose your job perhaps because of second-hand smoke that you inhaled unintentionally, or due to something that you used a few weeks ago when on holiday. There are also chances of false positives from drug screening.

Using synthetic urine is one of the best and easiest ways to beat a urine test. It is guaranteed to give you negative results for any drug, but only under the condition that you use the right synthetic urine.

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