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Month: January 2017

basketball hoop


Posted on 2017-01-22  in Sports

Basketball is a fast game involving frequent and aggressive body contacts, so players get injured quite often. Most injuries while playing this world’s second most popular sport are usually caused by falls, sudden changes in direction, awkward landings, and being hit by the ball in sensitive areas.

Also, since basketball is played throughout the year, both indoors and out, players are prone to repetitive stress injuries such as tendonitis or muscle strains. The following sections shed light on the safety tips when playing basketball.


Taking precautions when you’re not feeling quite right is perhaps the most important safety rule while playing basketball. Most players worsen their injuries by working through pain, and this should be strictly avoided. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the game to stay hydrated – this is more important if you’re playing outside in the heat. Work with your coach and teammates during practice as well as training sessions.

basketbal player


Repetitive use compromises your body’s capability to rebuild the muscle tissue worn out from too much of workload. Most knee and ankle injuries are a result of overuse and need some rest for recovery. Therefore, your training regimen must include adequate rest and sleep to help your body recover after the exercise.


The right pair of basketball shoes improves a player’s flexibility during the game. The shoes should fit snugly and give enough support, while still providing the necessary flexibility to sprint and cut when needed. Post players can benefit from high-top sneakers which brace the ankle to avoid ankle sprains. Players who’re coming back from recent injuries must wear braces or mouthguards, and the players wearing glasses should prefer sports goggles made of shatterproof plastic to keep the eyes safe.


As with any game involving physical contact, it’s critical that players use the right technique to reduce the risk of injuries. The ideal way to do this is by calling fouls. Trips, pushes, elbows and moving screens should always result in a foul call to ensure fair play. This even helps the beginners learn the game’s rules and how to maintain a safe environment.

basketball match

It’s natural for players (especially amateurs and beginners) to think that injuries are likely to occur to someone else, but in reality, anyone can get hurt during a game. Although very few injuries can be life threatening, some of them like ligament tears, broken bones, and concussions can be serious and take some time to heal. So, we strictly recommend you to follow the above safety tips when playing basketball.


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Month: January 2017

hands holding some pills

Nootropic Supplements: Their Health Benefits

Posted on 2017-01-06  in Health and Fitness

Nootropic supplements have been around for many decades. However, not many people know about them. Their online sale has become common in the recent years. A good example of such cognitive enhancer is lumonol supplement. The question comes; Is Lumonol a real life limitless pill? For the sake of not being biased, let us review some of such supplements benefits and get the answer.

What are nootropic supplements?

They have always been called ‘’smart drugs’’. They are drugs that are meant to enhance the cognitive function of the brain as well as overall brain function. They have many comprehensive benefits to the body as outlined below.

Boosts memoryupgrade thinking

Much emphasis is here. It is their primary function. Someone may ask, how do they do this? They act as boosters for the hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain. As a result, the cognitive nature of the brain is boosted. The memory feels rejuvenated all the time with remembering becoming easy. Most people who find it difficult to remember small details are advised to take the supplements.

Better blood supply to the brain.

When there is no sufficient blood supply to the brain, people faint. Many factors contribute to this, and some are a mystery even to doctors. Nootropics perform a crucial function of ensuring that blood flows into the brain. The blood carries enough oxygen for the brain to function correctly. Enough blood also ensures that nerves are alert to transmit information without a breakdown. Information break down facilitates forgetfulness and such people need to have a dose of the supplements.

Keeps one alert always

brain illustrationWe are required to be alert so we can concentrate on the things that we do. If you are not alert at work, you may perform poorly leading to loss of the job. The ‘’smart drugs’’ just knows where to penetrate and ensure alertness throughout. The brain is responsive and active. The supplements ensure that the brain is healthy and performing normally. They give people better sleeping habits because of a better-coordinated brain.

Any side effect?

No. scientific studies have shown that the supplements are safe for human use. Many people have taken the pills without any side effects. They are made from natural extracts that do not have a reaction to many people. They are toxic free after tests for impurities and heavy metals.
These insights answer the question asked above. People need to take these ‘’smart drugs ‘’ for a smart brain. One does not need to be sick to take them.

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