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Month: March 2017

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Best Tips When Choosing A Personal Trainer

Posted on 2017-03-30  in Personal Trainer

Apart from eating healthy food, it is important to exercise for the proper functioning of your body. As such, there is need to hire a personal trainer to help you out. A trainer will help you go the extra mile when you feel like giving up on your workout. Personal trainers help you achieve your dream of becoming fit. However, the problem comes in choosing a suitable trainer. It is coupled with the fact that there are many trainers available. If you are looking for the best personal trainer, then read further. To make your work easier here is a checklist that you will find helpful.



smiling manThere is no doubt that an experienced person can help you improve your training. A trainer that has been in the industry for a long time has perfected his skills. As such, you are guaranteed of getting the best training from a qualified person. The trainer will guide you on what steps you need to undertake to achieve your goals. A trainer who is experienced knows the kind of training to give you. In the end, it becomes a win-win situation.


The amount of money you wish to spend is also an important consideration. Make sure that you know beforehand how much the trainer charges for the services. You should not break the bank by going to an expensive trainer. When considering the budget, make sure that you know the length of time you need to complete the training. Your budget should be such that it can last you until the end of the training period.

Coaching style

It is necessary to look for someone who has a coaching style that you can follow closely. Knowing your learning style will be of help when choosing a trainer. Look for a person who is comfortable with your learning style. Most of all, you need to build a rapport with the trainer. You can ask your trainer about the methods he uses to find out whether you are comfortable with them or not. The best way to know if a trainer is suitable for you is to get recommendations from your friends and family.


man in front of laptopGiven that you will part with a large sum of money to hire a trainer, it is only right to get one with certifications. You should not leave anything to chance. You should also ask for their documents to be sure about the certifications. Furthermore, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a knowledgeable person in the training industry.

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Month: March 2017


The Automated Cannabis Growing Solutions

Posted on 2017-03-23  in Health and Fitness

With the legalization of cannabis almost being a reality most individuals are excited about the fact that the legalization process is nearing completion and they can plant it at home now. The EJMix Alternative is definitely the best.  There are some indoor solutions to planting cannabis at home.

Below are some options of growing cannabis at home;

Automated growing systems

bong glassMechanical systems e.g. Globo One Hydroponic Grow Box will comfortably grow plants on your behalf. The Globo One Hydroponic Grow Box ensures that the plant gets the perfect amount of lighting, distributes nutrients and waters the plants. Globo One Hydroponic Grow Box has a full-color LED lights, carbon filter, an electrochromic glass door, a steel door lock and temperature sensors thus creating a perfect environment for the growth of plants. The system has a phone app that delivers real-time information on the plant.

Grow boxes

Grow boxes have been doing rounds for years. The boxes are in closed environments to help your wants to build. In lay man’s language, a grow box is a box where plants are grown inside it. Unlike the Globo, systems produce boxes are not automated. You are expected to turn on and off manually the lights in the grow box and the water pump. Alternatively, you can use a set timer. Unlike the Globo system where the growth of your plant is monitored with a grow box, you will have to check the plant progress yourself. Grow boxes are available in different shapes, and you are likely to find one that suits your particular needs and requirements.

Grow tent

A grow tent seems like a bigger version of a grow box It is an enclosed space where plants grow in it. The main differences between a grow box, and a grow tent is;

Structure and size

A grow tent is made up of metallic frames and canvas walls making it easy to collapse or setup if it needs to be moved from one place to another. The size of a grow tent covers a wider range of space even broader than the largest grow box.

Out-of-box readiness

CannabisGrow tents are inexpensive, and empty shells. With a grow tent you will need to buy fans, filters, grow lights and containers that contain water to install in the tent. Sourcing and researching each item will cost you time and also cost a lot of money. On the other side having to fix the above items gives you an opportunity of making the tent in your design making it as per your preference.

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