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Fertility Tips for Men

Posted on 2021-06-29  in Men's Health

When trying to get a baby, you as a man must be fertile. Your sperms must be healthy and strong for you to make a woman pregnant. Unfortunately, many men suffer from infertility issues. Infertility in men can stem from various problems, ranging from low sperm count, genetics, lifestyle, hormones, and environmental exposure, among many others. Below are a few fertility tips for men that can help you achieve your goal of making a baby.

Exercise Regularly

running exerciseExercising plays a major role in ensuring good health, including reproductive health. For starters, working out helps increase the testosterone levels in your body, which helps to increase fertility. However, the opposite result occurs when you overdo it. Exercising also enables you to get and maintain a healthy body weight, which plays a role in a man’s fertility. Various studies indicate that obesity harms both sperm count and sperm quality. Excessive body fat also affects testosterone levels and various other hormones in the body.

Manage or Treat Health Conditions

Several health conditions can affect your fertility. Examples include diabetes, hypertension, varicoceles, and cystic fibrosis. Getting such medical conditions under control will significantly increase your chances of impregnating a woman. Unfortunately, some medication used to treat various medical conditions may also affect your fertility negatively. Such include medications for hypertension, depression, pain, and cancer. You will have to speak to your doctor to determine the best solution for your particular case in such a case.

Eat the Right Foodshealthy eating

Diet plays a role in male fertility. Some foods are believed to increase male fertility, which you should include in all your meals. Such include fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants. Foods rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats also help increase the sperm count and thus increase the chances of making a baby.

Improve Your Lifestyleman smoking

Your lifestyle can also influence your fertility as a man. That is especially regarding your habits. Excessive drinking of alcohol and cigarette smoking are examples of habits that can affect your fertility. The healthier your lifestyle is, the more fertile you will be.

Consider Your Occupation

If your occupation involves dealing with chemicals, there is a high possibility that it might affect your fertility. Painting, varnishing, and farming are examples of tasks that involve the use of chemicals that can affect male fertility. Metalworkers and welders also risk infertility issues caused by their occupations. For such cases, taking a break from your job until you achieve your goal of conceiving is a good idea.